Yogurt Recipe

Although it requires some effort, making yogurt at home yields a unique texture and taste, not to mention a minimal ingredient list. This recipe is a blend of many tips and strategies found online, tried and true now over a dozen times.

Motorcycle Roadtrip Preparation

When leaving for a motorcycle road trip of any significant duration, it is easy to prepare the for the obvious eventualities. Money, clothing, simple tools, and prepping the bike itself are all important, but so are the little things that can only be learned and taught from experience.

Pantech Vega Iron Review

The Vega Iron A870S is a smartphone launched in 2013 by the Korean manufacturer Pantech. Pantech was known for cheap cell phones but is now recognized for its recent high-end devices with creative quirky features, for instance the rotating camera on the No 6.

Persistence and Small Engine Repair

When I was about 16, I wanted to build a go-kart. And not just a gravity-powered seat, but a proper go-kart with a gas engine. Where I would have driven it is a mystery, but I started the project anyhow.

SMS Auto-Responder App

One software project I wrote on the side was an SMS autoresponder, or SMS bot. The fun began as early as planning, and I had some neat features to build into it. For one, a bus schedule lookup. And random fortune cookies. Also the obligatory weather report. Plus a stateful game of Farkle, because why not?

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